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Beauty Babes, Beauty Infused here, coming at you with yet another review! Im' pretty sure we can all relate to those times where we were in extreme discomfort due to having dry chapped lips! It's never any fun dealing with chapped lips, not only does it feel uncomfortable, we can forget applying any lip products at this point too! Personally for me, it doesn't matter what time of the year, its inevitable, at some point my lips dry out as if I were laying out in the dessert sun for months on end. After having constantly experienced such discomfort I told myself, this must come to an end! and so it did! I finally decided to give my lips some TLC, and here's how you can too! In just six easy steps, transform your lips, and give yourself the perfect lip you've  been looking for! 


You know you need to wear sunscreen on your face to ward off skin damage, but are you treating your lips with equal care? The skin on your lips is especially sensitive, so without daily sun protection, you may experience burning, cracking and discolouration. Keep a lip balm with SPF protection on you at all times, and apply it before you head outdoors. Personally my favourite is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Nourishing Lip balm with SPF 20. If you haven't already found one that you love, this is definitely worth checking out! 


To get the softest, most kissable lips, you have to slough off old, dead skin cells that will make your lips feel rough. Don't slather your body exfoliator on your lips, though! Pick up a lip scrub designed specifically for your pucker, and use it a few times each week. I really enjoy either making my own lip scrub, however some of my favourite lip scrubs are: LUSH, MAC, as well as the new dior lip exfoliator, which is a lot more gentle in comparison to the others I had mentioned. Some of you might prefer, a harsher or gentler lip scrub, just know there are so many options out there! In addition, for those of you interested in how I make my own at home lip scrub leave me a comment down below! Last but not least I usually keep a toothbrush on hand specifically dedicated to my lips. I use this method almost every morning upon waking up, to help gently exfoliate any accumulated dead skin cells! 


Mask as a task, your probably curious as to what I mean by that! Well beauty babes, most of us don't usually invest the time into properly taking care of ourselves. I'm basically saying, set aside a certain amount of time each day for you! whether that be reading a favourite book of yours, or going on a walk, or simply waking up and doing some morning meditation. Set aside time for you, incorporate some time into your daily routine to apply a mask all over the lips, to provide your lips with some extra comfort and hydration. Personally I love the bite beauty lip masks! 


Now this is something I simply cannot stress enough! Hydration is key when taking proper care of your lips! Some of my favourite products to use are: Dior "creme de rose" lip balm, particularly as a treatment while I sleep, Bite Beauty's new "agave" lip balm, as well as Dior's Lip Glow during the daytime! Not only does it hydrate, it also leave the lips with a soft pink sheen! 


Most of us typically wear lipstick, lip stains, or liquid lipsticks throughout the day, so primer is a must! These lip products can really dehydrate our lips, or even leave harsh residue upon removal! Which is why priming the lips prior to application is so important. Not only will a primer nourish the lips and create a barrier between your lips and product of choice, it will also ensure the longevity of your lip product of choice! My all time favourite lip primer is the Guerlain " kiss kiss lip lift". I have gone through countless tubes of this product, and will continue to repurchase and recommend this as it is indeed one of my holy grail products! 


Last but not least, add a pop of shine to your lips! Personally the perfect lip for me consists of lip primer, lipstick, and then a pop of gloss positioned near the centre of my lips to add the illusion of having fuller looking lips! Sometimes I even just use lipliner, fill in my entire lip area, and then add a touch of gloss. Having that layer of gloss overtop really adds the finishing touch to your look, and makes the lips look luscious! Personally, my favourite glosses of all time are the Marc Jacobs High Shine lip glosses! My favourite shade being Moon-glow  however they have a wide variety of shade ranges to chose from, you really can't go wrong! 

Here's a little bit of info on my all time fave's ...

What it is: 

A high-shine lip gloss in covetable shades with lasting brilliance. 

What it does: 

Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer lip gloss delivers maximum color and brilliance with its unique Triple Shine Complex, a blend of high-performance ingredients that provide unstoppable wear and shine like "30 coats of lacquer." The brilliant shine contributes to an optical plumping look. And, Enamored feels cushiony on the lips, never sticky. This mint-scented lip gloss collection features a profusion of creamy pinks, shimmering lavenders, and iridescent brights that give lips a lush look with lasting color and unbelievable shine. 

What it is formulated WITHOUT: 

- Parabens 
- Sulfates 
- Phthalates 

What else you need to know: 

The shade names are inspired by Marc Jacobs's favorite music. This product is a two-time Allure Best of Beauty award winner.

Well Beauty Babes, that's it for this one, I hope you enjoyed, and try out some of my methods listed above! Leave me a comment down below, letting me know what your lip essentials are! Xo 


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  1. My holy grail lip balm is Palmer's Swivel Stick! It is so creamy and makes for the perfect base for lipstick :)


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