Juicing is now seen everywhere! From Celebs, to local shops sprouting out with these juice cleanses, its hard not to wonder what it's all about? What are the pro's and con's to juicing? How will it impact my mind, body, and soul, in either a positive or negative way? Is it something that is sustainable for a long duration of time, or is it just a one time shot ordeal. Is it really something I can see myself doing, and incorporating into my daily routine? Is it reasonable financially? All these questions come to mind when we think of "Juicing". Well beauty babes, I'm here to shed some light on this whole "juicing" concept and share with you my take on it, and inform you, and help debug some of the common myths.

Alright babes, first and foremost I would like to start off by listing off some of the pro's and con's to this whole juicing craze. For the most part juicing is something that can be incorporated into any daily diet, and is easily maintained for the average individual. However, if you find you have quite the busy schedule, you might not find juicing the most ideal. Financially, Juicing can be very expensive, if you don't go the homemade route. These bougie juices can run you upwards of 10$ a bottle. A little steep in my opinion, if I do say so myself. Personally I prefer making my own juices at home, not only do they taste better in my opinion, they also cost me a fraction of the price. Their are multiple health benefits to juicing, for instances, It can increase your fruit, and vegetable intake, increases your overall energy levels, help to increase your metabolism, as well as detoxify your body, and much much more! On the contrary  since juicing extracts all the fibre from your fruits and veggies, you are missing out on some vital nutrients. Furthermore, some fruits contain high amounts of sugar, which can have some altercations if not monitored properly. All, in all I love juicing, I usually have a glass of juice a day. The only downfall is constantly having to prepare all my fruits and veggies, and ensuring my juicer is washed immediately afterwards,otheriwse good luck getting that sucker cleaned. It makes me feel good about myself, I am not doing it to lose weight, or to fall in line with some fad diet, I'm doing it for ME, and thats all that really matters. For example, I dislike beets with a passion, however throwing them into a juicer with some carrots and apples is very manageable for me! Fruits and veggies that I wouldn't have dared to eat prior to juicing are now becoming more well... bearable! I don't think relying on juicing to help you lose weight will work for anyone in the long run, however if you want to incorporate a healthy practice into your daily routine, then by all means! I think this is something worth trying out! Well beauty babes, thats where I'm going to leave it at for this one. If your curious about what kind of juices I enjoy, and find the most beneficial, leave me a comment below and I would love to share some of my juicing recommendations in a next blog post! Till later, remember stay healthy, stay happy, and always remember that you are in control of your bodies, treat them well, and they will reward you, in many more ways than one. 

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